Hire a Soft Serve Machine

Soft Serve Machine for hire

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine for Hire

We deliver to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion and all of Gauteng

A heavenly world of frozen treats for your event.

Think of an explosion of flavours delivered right to your door to entertain your guests. Dive into a world of creamy delectable soft serve with a selection of mouth-watering toppings and dive into the ultimate ice cream extravaganza.

Soft Serve Pack 40

40 servings
R 1500 / day
  • Soft Serve Machine
  • Single Flavour Table Model
  • 1 X 4Lt Soft Serve Mix
  • 40 Wafer Cones
  • 40 Serviettes

Soft Serve Pack 80

80 servings
R 1700 / day
  • Soft Serve Machine
  • Single Flavour Table Model
  • 2 X 4Lt Soft Serve Mix
  • 80 Wafer Cones
  • 80 Serviettes

Soft Serve Pack 120

120 servings
R 1900 / day
  • Soft Serve Machine
  • Single Flavour Table Model
  • 3 X 4Lt Soft Serve Mix
  • 120 Wafer Cones
  • 120 Serviettes

Machines take 30 Minutes to Freeze

For Larger Quantities please request a quote

Soft Serve Flavours:


Ask about our delicious toppings to make your ice cream even more delectible. 


Delivery / Collections

Charged at R10/km. Min R250 per trip

Extra Day Hire

Extra Day Hire: R 950

Extra Soft Serve

R150 per extra bag (makes 4lt)

Hire a Soft Serve Machine

Heavenly treats.

Imagine a room full of heavenly treats where every bite of creamy soft serve is sprinkled, dipped and flavoured with a selection of amazing toppings to satisfy even the sweetest tooth cookie monster. Welcome to the enchanting world of soft serve machine hire where we turn ordinary events into extraordinary ice cream wonderlands. From scrumptious cones to DIY Sunday bars we have got everything you need to give your guests a taste of paradise.

A Symphony of soft serve flavours for hire

Our state of the art soft serve machines not only provide the smoothest, velvety ice cream you have ever tasted but they also offer a medley of delightful flavours. Why don’t you indulge in our classic vanilla or rich chocolate or succulent strawberry flavours? We also have bubblegum and irresistible banana. With rocket party hire’s soft serve hire you have the freedom to choose from a variety of your favourite flavours ensuring that every guests taste buds are satisfied. Threes always that one guest who wants to mix all the flavours, let them go wild with our soft serve hire. Mix flavours, sprinkle, dip and combine, share and indulge.

Cones and sugar cones: the delightful dilemma

To begin this amazing ice cream adventure, you have to choose between our classic cones or our irresistible sugar cones. Whichever you select you can be sure that it will provide the perfect base for your frozen treat. These crunchy cones are designed to hold your soft serve in style whilst you build your masterpiece.

Decadent dips: Chocolate and caramel.

Indulge into a selection of warm chocolate caramel dips, just like you would find at the restaurants like milky lane.

A whimsical world of colourful toppings

Here is where the magic truly happens. Our soft serve machine hire offers a treasure cove of tantalizing toppings that will make your taste buds dance with delight. From the classic appeal of chocolate and candy sprinkles to the nutty allure of crumbled nuts we have got something for everyone. Immerse yourself into the gooey goodness of warm fudge or revel in the sweetness of marshmallows that melt in your mouth. For the young at heart we have jelly tots and Turkish delight that will provide a burst of fruity flavour while crumbled cookies and crushed smarties add an irresistible crunch on top of a creamy soft serve base.

Smiling Sunday bars

For those who like to get really creative with their frozen treats our Sunday bar offers and array of delectable delight for your guests to customize their very own masterpiece. Simply grab a bowl and start filling with soft serve and then let your imagination run wild as you explore our selection of delightful toppings. Whether you are a fan of traditional hot fudge Sundays or you seek to concoct a one of kind creation, the sky is the limit.

Sensational syrups to satisfy every craving

No Sunday or ice cream cone is complete without a drizzle of heavenly syrup. Our soft serve machine hire packages include a variety of syrups to suit every taste, from classic chocolate and caramel to more adventurous flavours. Our syrups provide the perfect finishing touch to your soft serve masterpiece.

The complete ice cream hire experience

Our soft serve machine hire package hire is designed to provide you with everything you need for an unforgettable ice cream experience. We take care of the details from setup to cleanup so all you really need to worry about is what toppings you plan to put on your soft serve. Whether it is a birthday party or a corporate even, a wedding or a any type of celebration we have you covered with our ice cream hire packages so you and your guests can indulge in an unforgettable ice cream extravaganza experience.

Why choose our soft serve machine hire?

When you choose our soft serve machine hire for your event you are not just renting a machine, you are renting an entire experience for you and your guests. Our commitment to quality, variety and customer satisfaction is unmatched as you will see from your google ratings. With our extensive selection of flavours, toppings and syrups along with our dedication to excellence we guarantee that your even will be a resounding success.

Contact us for an unforgettable experience

In conclusion, our soft serve machine hire offers a world of frozen delights, brimming with delectable flavours and tantalizing toppings. From the moment your guests take their first bite of our velvety soft serve to the last delicious spoonful of their customized sundae, they’ll be transported to a dreamy ice cream wonderland. So why wait? Make your next event a truly unforgettable experience and treat your guests to the ultimate ice cream extravaganza. Contact us today to book our soft serve machine hire and let the magic begin!