Hire a Large Chocolate Fountain

hire a chocolate fountain machine

Chocolate Fountain for Hire

Large Chocolate Fountain Rental – 80cm 5 Tier

Hire a chocolate fountain for a day if you want smiles in all your pictures. They say happiness cannot be bought but from what I have seen in my ventures it certainly can be bought with a chocolate fountain, at least for a day. Is there anything better than dipping stuff in hot melted chocolate bubbling over a 5 tier 1 meter tall chocolate fountain? Not only does this look amazing and make great pictures for any event but it is completely affordable and will server anything from 20 to 400 guests. Life is short and you and your guests deserve this so indulge and hire one of our chocolate fountains today.

Choc Pack 50

Suitable for 20 – 80 Guests
R 1500 / day
  • Chocolate Fountain | 5 Tier 80cm high
  • 5kg Chocolate

Choc Pack 100

Suitable for 50 – 120 Guests
R 2000 / day
  • Chocolate Fountain | 5 Tier 80cm high
  • 10kg Chocolate

Choc Pack 150

Suitable for 100 – 200 Guests
R 2500 / day
  • Chocolate Fountain | 5 Tier 80cm high
  • 15kg Chocolate

Provide us with a sturdy table capable of supporting at least 35kg.

For Larger Quantities please request a quote


Delivery / Collections

Charged at R10/km. Min R250 per trip

Extra Day Hire

Extra Day Hire: R 650