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Smoke Machine Rental

A smoke machine is a really important addition to any party or event that uses lights or lasers. Without the smoke, the lights lack flair. If you’ve ever been to laser games, you’ll understand why they smoke up the place. Without the smoke, lasers just make a little dot on the wall, but with smoke, you see the entire beam, and the same goes for any other lights.

However, smoke machines aren’t just there for the lights; they create a certain ambiance for any event. At dance parties, people feel somewhat hidden in the cover of smoke and are more willing to dance. If you want to create a dreamy, smoky atmosphere at your next event, then contact us to hire one of our smoke machines.

They can run on their own automatically on a timer, or they can be controlled manually. A smoke machine is really easy to use, and our operators will explain the instructions to you. Our machine comes with smoke fluid and everything you will need for your smoky event—see what I did there? 😉

Includes 2l of smoke fluid.

R950 per day


Delivery / Collections

Charged at R10/km. Min R250 per trip

Extra Day Hire

Extra Day Hire: R 750